Rooting for Rivals: How Collaboration and Generosity Increase the Impact of Leaders, Charities, and Churches By P. Greer, C. Horst, and J. Heisey

  • Chris Langford


“Seek first the kingdom of God.” Jesus’ words, recorded in Matthew 6:33 challenge Christians, including leaders of faith-based organizations, to radically reorient their worldviews and priorities. In their book Rooting for Rivals, Peter Greer, Chris Horst, and Jill Heisey suggest Americans’ focus on ownership, competition, and winning distract Christians from having a kingdom-focused mindset in the marketplace. Instead of envisioning peer organizations as collaborators, leaders often default to viewing them as competitors. Potential allies become sworn enemies to be vanquished. Viewing peer organizations as “the enemy” has resulted in the hoarding of resources and division. The authors do not mince words when discussing the unfortunate consequences this has produced for faith-based organizations, particularly those in the nonprofit sector.

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