Jesus Christ: Ethics Lessons for Project Managers

  • Teodor Mihai


When we think of Jesus Christ, the first reflex is to associate Him with religion, which is quite normal, Jesus being the son of God and at the origin of Christianity. By cons, Jesus Christ was not a religious person. He was a great leader and teacher, very practical, very popular, very close to those who were in need. His actions and teachings are today the attributes of a modern leader. Christians (as well as non-Christians) should be the first to realize that the teachings of Jesus go beyond the sphere of religion, and that they can learn much from Him, as did the people of His time. In academic archives on project management, there is only one article that directly discusses the topic of Jesus Christ. By cons, there is no article on the topic of Jesus Christ and project management in terms of ethics. The purpose of this article is to apply to project management some ethical teachings of Jesus Christ, ethics not (yet) being part of the ten areas of knowledge in project management included in the PMBoK of the Project Management Institute (PMI).