A Response to Richard Chewning’s “A Dozen Styles of Integration”

  • W. Calvin Fields


This is a refreshingly useful and important article that brings the classroom professor into a new level of awareness. It is useful because one is struck with the impression that you either are not providing much of a Christian
worldview in class or you now know better just what it is you are providing. Either way, you are going to come away from Chewning’s article more aware of your teaching approach. You may notice that you are a “Discipline-Specific Cherry-Picker” like I discovered about myself, or you
might find that you integrate Christian principles into your classroom work with students. The article is important because it underscores the importance of Scripture as the foundation of Christian worldview integration. In my view, one cannot have a Christian worldview in the class
without reference to specific, relevant verses. Finally, we see Chewning’s proper respect for the role of the Holy Spirit as moderator between Scripture and instructor, as it should be. The many teaching style
examples, incidently, reminded me of the allegory Pilgrim’s Progress.
Dialogue IV