Reply to Seibert’s “Learning the Ropes Without Getting Strangled: The Believer and Socialization in Business”

  • W. Calvin Fields


This article warns the newly-minted Christian graduate that there are sheep and then there are wolves (Matt. 10:16). The trick is to remain a sheep and live to tell about it. I have wondered for a long time just how one can
manage the tension between sheep and wolves in order to stay alive, balancing obedience to God’s will with worldly demands. After reading Seibert’s insightful and instructive article, I can see that it may not always be possible, but more so than I had previously thought. Yet I am still
not convinced of one assumption Seibert puts forth—that “most Christian business graduates are seriously committed to living their faith in all areas of their life ...”. I accept this as our ultimate objective. The appeal to Daniel in this article has more clearly shown me something. Christians can creatively manage those worldly demands and still remain faithful. I am encouraged.
Dialogue III