Islam, Islamic Finance, and Christianity

  • Samuel L. Dunn
  • Ronald G. Galloway


Islam now claims 1.5 billion adherents around the world and up to 3 million Muslims in the United States. As Islam grows social institutions are developing that conform to Shariah law and principles. Among them are Islamic banks and Islamic financial products which are becoming  recognized as legitimate options to conventional banks. Since economic and business systems around the world are increasingly integrated and businesspersons from the United States will most likely be interacting at some level with Muslims, it is important that U.S. businesspersons understand Islam and Islamic finance. To be salt and light and to interact in Christlike ways with Muslims, Christians need to know what Muslims believe, and especially what Muslims believe about Jesus. In this paper the authors first describe Islam by giving its history and principal theological doctrines. Then several important features of Islamic finance and various financial products are described. Finally, there is a description of Christian missions to Muslims.