Practice and Profile: Christian Formation for Vocation by Johan Hegeman, Margaret Edgell, and Henk Jochemsen.

  • James Dupree


Faith integration, Christian moral development, and aiding students to live successfully for Christ in increasing pluralistic societies are central to our purpose in Christian Higher Education. Hegeman, Edgell, and Jochemsen, tackle these issues through their PISA model of moral development, an approach built on understanding worldviews. The quite impressive list of endorsers provide two keen insights into this work—the first regarding the usefulness of the model—as is noted by almost every endorser. The second is most notably written by a philosophy professor in his comment about this content-dense tome: “. . . Anyone unwilling to accept this situation [professional and worldview education not touching each other] does well to
read this book. It takes some effort, but this effort pays off.”
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