Perspectives on the Augustinian/Niocene-Aquinian/BAM Discussion: A Response

  • Marjorie J. Cooper


Richard Chewning, in his thought-provoking article, “Augustine and Aquinas: Their Theological Progeny Come Face to Face with ‘Business As Mission,’” (AA&BAM) indirectly highlights an important question that will shape the CBFA. That question is: How will diverse theologies embraced by various members impact the project of integrating faith with vocation in the CBFA? Of course, more specifically the purpose of his paper is to focus on a particular issue: the theological underpinnings of BAM initiatives. However, in a broad sense, both our biblical faithfulness and the collegiality (not to mention the kindness) that characterize discussions of this sort may be equally as important in the long run as a specific heological issue. Thus, it is with some trepidation and a great deal of prayer that I approach the task of responding.