God Transcends Gender and Other Thoughts - A response to "God the Father"

  • Brian E. Porter


Richard Chewning, revered elder of the CBFA, has written a provocative manuscript of (his interpretation of) the Bible’s instructions regarding gender in three arenas — worship, family, and work. Chewning discusses numerous issues making various claims prior to reaching his final exhortation which can be paraphrased as: family, principally children, are more important than work, and it is sinful to prioritize employment over family, particularly when it is detrimental to the children and the justification is the accumulation of additional (excessive) material possessions. I agree with Chewning that children and family are significantly more important than outside employment and materialism is endemic. However, I have concerns with many of Chewning’s other assertions, including his premise that teachings of the Bible are clear and obvious. There are several of his positions that demand a response. The necessary brevity of this rejoinder does not allow me to offer all my differing perspectives in depth, but I will discuss the ones of most significance.