The Rest of Life: Rest, Play, Eating, Studying, Sex from a Kingdom Perspective by Ben Witherington III

  • Paul Heintzman


This book contains five essays on common weekly activities: rest, play, eating, scripture study, and sex. In “Is there a Sabbatical plan for Christians?” Witherington interacts with Tonstad’s (2009) The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day. Tonstad, a Seventh-Day Adventist, argues that Christians need to recover Sabbath observance. In contrast, Witherington concludes, that “the rest one has in Christ alleviates the need to maintain Mosaic ritual practices such as Sabbath observance … we still need rest and restoration, but this does not require keeping Sabbath” (pp. 29, 37). Tonstad and Witherington lie at the extremes of the spectrum on Sabbath observance. A more helpful and biblical approach is in between.
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